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Two days online retreat for adults to connect with nature and care for self. Caring for ourselves in all its Integral sense - (Physical, Energy & Emotions, Mental, Psychic and Spiritual) and expanding it in harmony with Nature. 

सम(Sam): Equal, whole, entire, together

हित(Hit): Beneficial

समहित - equally caring for ones own body & Earth as part of nature and keeping mutual benefits for larger good. It also means, caring from holistic view and make it integral by keeping self (=earth) in its center. Each session of Samhit brings an integral perspective and enables the participants to widen & deepen ones awareness and manifest it in action. All the sessions are designed keeping nature as the source of integral self care practices.

Are you ready to start your Journey of self care with nature?

When & Where?

Next one 


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For Whom?

Anyone above 18 year of age are welcome to be part of the retreat. 

If you feel connected with nature and looking for solutions.


On Sliding Scale

Rs2,000 to Rs.3,000/- We request you to contribute to your best capacity so that we can support the ones who need. Connect to provide or avail scholarship.

Session Details

In the Retreat we will explore outer & inner dimensions of care from physical body to psychological and leading to spiritual. It has four main aspects outer and inner body care; Connecting with 5 elements of nature & care psychologically and equanimity, union of body-mind & soul.


Natural Products

Making of eco- friendly self care products

Skin is the largest organ of our body and what we apply on it gets directly absorbed into the blood.

So, are you sending chemicals to your skin or the goodness of ingredients from nature?

In this session, we would explore the concept of outer self care, learn about dental and skin care products and practices using the ingredients directly coming to us by nature without any adulteration.

You will leave the session with knowing your body better and making a customised tooth powder and bath powder as per your body type and requirements.

Food as per Ayurved

Care for body through food aligned with nature's rhythm

Nature has its own system of care for everyone. As it changes seasons, it also provides foods to care, protect & nourish our body in those seasons.

In this session, we would learn the art of self care through following the food approach as mentioned in Ayurved for Ritucharya .

Fruits and Vegetables
5 elements.jpg

Care with 5 elements of Nature

Heal by being in contact with nature.

Our bodies are made from the same 5 elements from which nature is made of. But we don't pay attention to them in our daily life.

In this session, we would bring our awareness towards these 5 elements & learn hands-on practices around 5 elements to feel lighter, happier and release stronger emotions. We would also use art as a medium to perform practices around internal self care.

Yoga of Nature

Connect with nature through your body movement.

Change is the law of Nature. This change is generally evolutionary, means progressive. while in name of development what we are seeing as a change seems a huge crisis for humans & earth.

This session is an invitation to collaborate to bring in larger change, a shift needed for peace. Through body movements, postures, reflection and meditation we will connect with outer & inner nature. Learning the way earth does her yoga and how we can align & contribute in evolutionary journey of earth. 

At the end taking a right equanimous pose from physical to spiritual stand point will help us to chart a new future. 

'समत्वं योग उच्यते' - Equanimity is called Yoga - Says the Bhagwad Gita. 


Tree Pose



Vaidya Shefali

Ayurveda Doctor, Yoga teacher & Pranic Healer.

Founder of Kaivalya Wellness Hub, Indore. 



Social Emotional well being Educator, Curriculum Designer and Facilitator. 



Learning Companion - Integral Education & Yoga Practitioner. 

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