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M.B.B.S. in Integral Self Care, Munna Bhai’s Way

Last weekend I went to a library to read and learn more about gandhiji & natural self care. As I wanted to be in his company, know his work in more detail around nature care and find out what he would have done if he had to fight for 'climate change' and 'freedom of earth'. See I forgot to tell you about me. Namaste! Myself Earth. For the past few weeks I have been visiting the libraries. In an attempt to understand what I should do for my care and next stage of evolution. I searched many books, read about many leaders, and tried to gauge the exact crisis. So I was looking for a book in one section. Surprisingly, I found Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. in his unique style walking and coming towards me. Maybe, he might have a message. we might have to learn something from him too. So, he stood next to the circuit of my mind and whispered 'how did he get his M.B.B.S. in Integral Self Care?' Here I am sharing what my mental circuit made pictures and stories of what Munna Bhai told me about his M.B.B.S.

First of all, He sang a whole song to me and what I could make out was an abbreviation of M.B.B.S according to him. You all must be knowing already, still putting it here.

M - Master

B - Bindaas Doctor

B - Bemisal Actor

S - Shana Character

I enquired, 'Munna Bhai, Tell me what all of that has to do with integral self care...'

Before I even completed my sentence he smiled & put his hand on my shoulder, and gave me one Jadu ki Jhappi. We sat down on the nearest bench and our conversation began.

‘M bole to Master, you know right - whatever I like or whoever troubles me, I follow their every movement. and the more I know about them, the more I can master them. I design my Movements accordingly. Along with my friends I make a few moves and become a master of movements.’ Munna bhai spoke in one breath and found me staring at him. He understood that I need some slow pace, with concrete examples. He continued, now in slow speed, ‘See, If I have to kidnap someone. What will be the first thing I will do?’ I answered confidently like a child who knows the answer very well, ‘You will observe where all that person goes, whom that person meets and in short you will create his track list of all the activities and …’ ‘Exactly!’ Interjecting me he spoke, ‘apun wahich karta hai aur usi ko master of movement bolta he. itna pakka nazar rakhta hai ki second bhi nahi chukta aur sab pata he, kab kon kaise kya move karega. aaur usi ke baad to kaam shuru hota he. We can’t make a single move uske bina to. You see! chal next action batata tere ko.’

B bole to Bindaas Doctor, again whatever I do and make others do, I do it with full of heart (love) and do it very bindaas.’ He paused seeing my puzzled look. He got up and went a little far and again approached me with his unique walking style, full of attitude, confidence. The style of walking suits him, I felt. It looks beautiful too on him or is it funny? I was thinking. Looking at my eyes he said, 'Yes brother, It is Beauty I try to bring out in every act of mine. I like to see beautiful things. I like to hear beautiful things, I want beauty all around me. I give my full respect, my whole, I love that. What is the joy in life, if you don’t have a beautiful dress to wear and delicious food to eat. Beautiful language to speak and so on. Tum logo ki bhasha me bole to, Beauty apun ka ideal hai. and to get that, we do bindaas surgeries, removing unwanted things. prescribe all sorts of pills. Because to get beauty one has to have this bindaas attitude like a doctor. Chahe surgery dusro ke uppar ho ki apne uppar - hamesha bindaas. There are steps and practices to be done. But success comes when one more B comes to be known. Do you know? Tere ko samaj me aa rahela hai ki nahi?’

I nodded in agreement and waited for him to continue. He went on a call. Someone had called him, you all know how busy he remains.

Soon he came back and started saying, 'do you see all these people? They are trying so hard and want to show how much they are able to balance their life. some want to balance between Boss and Bibi/Boyfriend, others between god & grocery, office & offspring, and many more.' I said, ' Yes! That is so true. Sometimes the whole of life goes on in just balancing. Continuously managing thousands of things, which comes to you or life throws at you.' 'Exactly! biddu' Munna bhai said out loud, 'That is where we need to be a Bemisal Actor, truly from within Balance everything. look at my life, I spoke to my parents a lie and kept on trying to balance and showcase all the wrong things. My client wanted to settle down and balance their score against each other, for which I kept on doing all the work good & bad. But luckily I found something precious in my life, where instead of trying to balance and fix it from outside or inside. At the end, what we want is B bole to Balance.' He became quiet suddenly, like something he got reminded of.

His eyes were shining and smile got bigger. He went into a kind of silence, became quiet suddenly and tears formed in his eyes. This was my turn to give him one jaddu ki jhappi. He quickly composed himself and gathered back his thoughts and said 'Dekho master - Juice pivanu, carrom ramvanu ane maja ni life. When do we get there? when we have inner peace, when we feel love and oneness.' I was in gasp, what this man was telling me. He ordered Juice and arranged a carrom board between us. Asked me to play with him. ‘You must have heard and read so many self care tips, keep hydrated, take a break, go for vacation, do that and not do that. all but things are really simple. one has to play as a Shana (smart) character. All those tips work only when you have this secret and sacred thing. All those things are temporal, helpful but what S means is baap of all of them combined and more.’

Juice pivanu, carrom ramvanu, majaani life

This last letter, S bole to, was sounding like some secret to me. It was fun playing with him, like a friend. I was playing quietly and wanted him to tell me what the last letter ‘S’ means. In the middle of the game, he paused, looked at me and asked, 'What do you think is the most important thing to get success in carrom?' I didn't know what to reply, wandering as only the letter 's' was left now. Which word can that be? After some contemplation, I said 'It must be silence, as if someone disturbs or makes too much noise, I will miss out. My concentration will break.' He smiled at me, played his stroke and said, 'Look! To play carrom what you require is stability and that comes from stillness. that peace within, which is more than mere silence and solitude. You were quiet near and yet too far. Some other time I will tell you more about M.B.B.S. and learnings from the game of Carrom.' I was stunned, listening to his final remark. Lost in my thought land, such a smart fellow He is, who looks constantly moving, has brought such a deep balance and remains still. He snapped a few times in front of me. I came out of my mesmerized zone and one more time paid attention to what he wants to say next.

'ok boss! Now I have to go. Bapu ka birthday aa raha hena, uske liye kaafi bandhobast karna he.' Munna bhai got up while saying and started packing up. I too started helping him and told, ''can I also come & contribute. I also want to meet and ask him a few questions.' 'Accha, tere ko bhi ... chal aaja.'


Here I am now, going with him to meet bapu. Hopefully, I will get the answer and be able to share with you all, Bapu's responses on climate change, environment, self care, education and more.

Let me attempt giving an invite in munna bhai’s style.

Jaate jaate thoda invite bhi kar deta hu, 2nd october ko bapu ke birthday pe do din ke retreat ka aayojan kiya he. jaankari chahiye to dial karne ka, ungli ghuma ke website par dhundhega to mil jayega.

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Annu Gupta
Annu Gupta
Sep 21, 2021

Wonderful!! 🧡

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