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Myself Earth

Self Care to Earth Care
Self Transformation to Earth Transformation

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Myself Earth* is a project to provide sustainability education heuristically. The initiative believes in the philosophy of ‘Self Care to Earth Care’ and ‘Self Development to Sustainable Development.’ We are driven by this vision to enable people to become more aware of their true relationship with nature & facilitate people’s journey of oneness with nature. It is done through our different programs by integrating different subjects(like psychology, science etc) & using different mediums of expression.

*The word Earth has been used as a representative of Nature/Universe & not referred solely to one of the 5 elements of nature.


Everything You Need

Earth Hope Buddies


for kids age 8 to 12

A blended learning program to engage in learning & developing skills, attitude, knowledge & values of sustainable practices.


Stone Steps

A program for Teens

A school level - multi disciplinary experiential approach to know about self, self care and design to implement sustainable practices from self to community level


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For Adults

Retreat to connect with nature and learn making more healthy & happy life by learning self care products and processes keeping eco-consciousness at the heart.




My family loves me & I love nature a lot. I learnt so many things in the summer camp of nature. Thanks to all of you who taught me. I learnt some lessons. I loved mandalas. Thank you a lot.


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